Game submitted for the Weekly Game Jam # 156: "Noodle"

Press the key corresponding to the ingredient right when is on the blue plate!

When all ingredients are ready press 'SPACE' to cook noodles!!

Like and share if you enjoy, I believe game can be extended in the future to customize which letters you want to train like QWER, WASD....

Leave a comment with a screenshot of your SCORE, let's see who is the best cook around. 

You will find:

- 5 different ingredients to cook noodles.

- 3 synchronized songs (calm version, neutral vesion and stress version) with same rhytm and style that will play depending on the remaining time.

- Several animations and sound effects to represent the game mechanics.

- Cartoon style art design.

Game Development and Programming: miguelsgp

Art: Sue

Music: Christian Francisco

Sound Designer: Michael Macapagal

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Authorsmiguelsgp, Michael Macapagal, Christian Francisco
Made withUnity
Tagscook, cooking, Game Jam, ingredients, jam, keyboard, noodles, pigs, training, weekly-game-jam


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This game is AWESOME! I see you got your scoring mechanic working! to bad couldn't throw one of them in the ramen bowl. maybe next time :]

maybe game should be updated so you can eat the pigs haha

My score improved a bit when I realised the letter related to the ingredient, embarrassed how long it took me to realise that haha, but still not high enough to share... It's a cute game, nice work :)

Thanks! Good now you know how to cook noodles :)

Awesome fun :)

Loved the concept, art and music; very intuitive.

(my score was too low to share without deep shame :P)

Thanks! Hope you had fun.


I probably could have kept going if I didn't have to get back to work. 

look at all that food on the floor hahaha

After one week of development :)