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I love how upgrading the gallow just makes the people bigger.

Because there was no timer I got a little worked up.
Nice job making me scared in a basic little html game.

Otherwise, this is a very hard game to beat.

I'm really struggling to get any of the endings, my town always ends up being too weak. Does anyone have any tips? I really want to beat the game.

this was really cool! it was hard to try to get all the different endings

You got them all?

i tried, but i only ended up getting the faith-only end and the tech-only end (i was very close a couple of times for the unite all end but didn't make it...)

I just barely managed to get the tech ending. I really liked the game, you did a great job with the atmosphere!

Well done! The technology ending is hard since it is a very devoted City :)

This was my favorite game of this collection of random horror games! Starts at 18:52

thanks wormwood! It is a cool video indeed. Always love people playing my games :)

Cool game mechanics with great art and SFX! Well done :)

Visually great! Great tone and execution of the theme.


Interesting idea with some good looking execution!

Glad you liked it hehe